Thursday, December 10, 2009

Urban Achiever

Our pal Maser launches a new series of one night basement galleries in The Twisted Pepper, first up features the work of very talented Dundalk graffiti artists Kube & Omin. Full details here


temp agencies said...

that is one hilarious bike. LOL! I’m very amaze.

Condo Makati said...

That is so cool! This bike totally rocks!

EGS said...

this is so fucking that for street performance 2010 in dublin?

custardbydesign said...

brilliant - i would love some images/details for my own blog...

Echo. said...

You're on the List

Welcome to the List.

Brian Whelan said...

Handy for chatting to your friends on the bus (the upstairs!)
Anything you want to let Dubliners know feel free to post on my site.

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