Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scarf it up


Ciara said...

Shouldn't you just change the name of the blog to South William Street and tell it like it really is?

Dublin Streets said...

Funny enough we live very close by. Also funny enough we are very lazy, you may have noticed from the lack of posts. Other things you may not know about us - We're a Libra and a Sagittarius and we love cheese. Send us cheese.

Anonymous said...

i just dont understand what compelled you to take her photo. i mean her coat is rotten you could find it in any high street. There is nothing that makes her clothes stand out, absolutely nothing. You might as well stand outside AIB at 5 o clock and photograph every fucking Bogger bitch that comes out of the place with there seasonal purple or should i say aubergine clothes because gok fukin wan said so...


im a big fan of this site but your losing me... there

is a lot of deadly people out there open your eyes.

Zoe said...


Anonymous said...

"fuckin bogger bitch"...thats cold. no need.

Rosemary said...

I just don't understand what compels anyone to use "your" as if it is a verb. It is not. I also don't understand why anyone would feel the need to short the word "fucking" by one letter. People are crazy.

Rosemary said...

Oh my bad, two letters. Still...

Anonymous said...

now rosemary get over it its a fucking blog not a english exam. i despise people who correct people's grammar/ punctuation its really petty...

Anonymous said...

sorry rosemary now i forgot to put me comma in but ye get the jist...

Anonymous said...

not that interesting really :|

whitepaige said...

great outfit..love it

Recent Post..disqus comment to your blog

Rosemary said...

That's an interesting factoid, Anonymous. I despise people who slag people off while simultaneously using bad grammar; bad grammar on its own I can take or leave. I also despise people who comment on blogs saying what they despise and do so anonymously - that's hardly very brave, now, is it? Lastly, I despise people who select their ringtones on public transport, but I'll get over it I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

@ Rosemary nobody here used "your" as a verb. Morto.

Also you "shorten" words. You don't "short" them. Scarleh.

Rosemary said...

Yeah, scarleh is right! What is "you're" then, if it's not a verb - is it a complex verb? That's a genuine question, seeing as you seem to know.

james.mcloughlin said...

i am inlove with this whole fight.
can anonymous please be my friend.

i think this blog has gotton to the stage where i don't even care about the photos, just the hilarious comments people make about them.

David Kehoe said...

Anonymous comments are LAME, also I don't see the point of all the cynicism on this blog. If you don't like what you see just say it. Whoever made the 'fucking bogger bitch' remark, sorry but you're a dope. You're better off staying anonymous...

As for the past two posts, the style is fine... A bit bleh, but fine. Not worthy of making it on a street-style blog anywhere though I reckon...

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell,its getting like that Showbiz Ireland site here, where all you read are scathing comments. Be nice people.

_Dushka_ said...

I love the doctor martins and the scarf is really cute, I think its a really cute/functional outfit.

It's so refreshing to get away from topshop and bad vintage and go back to simple, stylish basics.

Great outfit, I'd wear it.

I sincerely apologise if I've made any grammer or spelling mistakes, I didn't realise this was a spelling bee.

Rosemary said...

Dushka, my point wasn't to do with grammar and spelling generally, it was that when people go on blogs to slag people off in the most heinous of manners, maybe they should check themselves first - because that girl may be a "fucking Bogger bitch" but at least she's not ignorant. Anyone else's spelling, I can take or leave.

Anonymous said...

OH NO rosemary no no no no no no you correct peoples grammar etc because your a pretentious bitch who has no good come backs. and rosemary you completely misunderstood my point on "bogger bitches" i dont really want to spend time thinking up something insulting to say to you as its a waste of my life and i think you have wasted enough of yours on this.

so i shall end this saying your a stupid tramp who needs to get off the internet and get some life experience

have a lovely weekend xox

Anonymous said...


Ciara said...

Though I suspect the good people of Dublin Streets are fans of allowing every comment made on their blog to go through I feel they should exercise some control over the content of the comments made here.

Exactly what calling someone a "pretentious bitch" or a "bogger bitch" has to do with how well this girl wears a scarf is lost on me.

I was going to say that there's a place and time for such behaviour but as most of you seem to be above primary school age the time has passed. Grow Up.

Rosemary said...

So, what WAS your point on "bogger bitches", because I've obviously completely missed it?

And I'd rather be a pretentious bitch than an illiterate any day. As for stupid tramp, that's the insult of somebody who's spent too much time hating women and too little time getting what you term "life experience". Good one.

Dublin Streets said...

Holy Moly folks. It's only a picture. Surly no need for this type of carry on?

As Aretha said... RESPECT and all that!


Rockin**Fashion** said...

I have just been reading through all these comments....
This isn't what blogging is supposed to be about!!!

The point of leaving a comment is if you like the style or a particular aspect of the pic/blog and if you don't like it, well then I suppose there is no need to leave a comment.
It is sad to see this type of vindictiveness & feel that it is totally unnecessary.

Happy blogging :)

Anonymous said...

NOW rosemary... i hardly hate women as i am one myself and have been for many years. "bogger bitch" is what me and my friends refer to as the type of fashions you see on ladies who tend to fit into the bracket of country girls from places who are fashionably deprived. And they usually get there clobber in "Rita's fashions" on the " main street" of certain country villages and wear a lot a boots cut jeans and la gear hoodies, o neills, "runners" and study in UCD and end up getting a dead end job 9 to 5 in AIB. spend there weekends religiously in copper face jacks on harcourt street.

thats all rosemary for now ye tramp... xoxo

Anonymous said...

there’s nothing that pleases me more than correcting someone else’s grammar. If you’re brave enough, let me know if I spell something incorrectly / misconstruct a sentence / get overly zealous with my use of semi colons.

GET.......................................... a life

ye tramp xoxo

Gemma said...

Very bland......Yawn.

Anonymous said...

Literacy or the lack of isn't necessarily a choice.
Pretentious bitch on the other hand.....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - that's an alexander mcqueen scarf if you havnt noticed and the bag ? Stella McCartney! From the sounds of it you buy your skanky ass clothes down Moore street ye common bitch !! ... see ye over the weekend il be looking for some apples an oranges and maybe even a lighter if your selling them....B xoxo

Anonymous said...

just because its designer doesnt make it stylish. you must be one those people who thinks that by having brown thomas vomit on you makes you fashionable. gas

Anonymous said...

are you sure that's not just a regular american apparel circle scarf???

Anonymous said...

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